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F1 Fimet High Quality Treatment Systems
Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication

Fimet wireless foot control can be conveniently placed anywhere around the chair providing fast, easy and reliable communication to the chair and rotary handpiece instruments. No cords on the floor and "touch-free" commands provide dental professionals with exceptional productivity, hygiene and safety......
Everything within easy reach

Everything within easy reach

Everything within reach, handpieces, trays, and suction head are all easy to reach and adjustable. Fimet continental whip arm delivery system gives weightless delivery of the handpieces with ZERO pullback tolerance and void of locking devices. You can literally balance a handpiece on a finger which makes everything you do, just that bit easier.....
Ease of turnaround

Ease of turnaround

Fimet dental systems incorporate new design advantages enhancing workflow, separation of tasks and ease of turnaround in the dental operatory. Fimet unit arm can be easily placed to the assistants side of the chair providing rapid instrument change and cleanup procedures during patient changeover. Unit positioning to the assistants side provides easy and safe entry/exit to the chair free from hanging hoses and equipment obstruction around the chair.....

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The ergonomic and elegant design of the Fimet NEO dental treatment unit makes your practice more functional and convenient than ever before. The NEO´s compact and small base provides more working space for both the dentist and the assistant. The NEO dental treatment system can be controlled by intelligent wireless foot control, dual joystick on the chairs base or using keys on the user panel.

Price: $206.00 per week*

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Neo City
Neo City

Fimet NEO City is a hygienic, modern and stylish treatment system unit with no cuspidor and no suction which can fit into a limited space. The F1 Neo City in an affordable system for dentists who do not need an integrated cuspidor or suction equipment in their dental treatment system. The suction system can be located in a cabinet or a similar location, saving valuable space. NEO City is available in both continental whip arm or traditional hanging hose delivery systems, is suitable for both left and right handed use and backed by 2 - 10 year warranty.

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Neo Floor
Neo Floor

Neo floor is the floor- mounted model of the NEO product series. Stylish and ergonomic, the compact design of NEO Floor allows for the effective use of working space and is compatible for both left and right handed operators. Neo is backed by 2 - 10 year warranty.

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Fimet F1 Mondo

Fimet F1 Mondo

F1 Mondo gives great value for your money. It has a strong and reliable construction and is a pleasure to work with. Further more F1 Mondo is easy to maintain and service. Fimet Mondo incorporates ingenious F1 delivery system handpiece control block power source which provides dentists with essential handpiece torque with virtually no loss of power year, after year, after year, after year. Fimet chairs are made of a sturdy steel construction, all bearings are pre-lubricated and will last almost indefinitely without maintenance. With excellent ergonomics, hygiene and productivity features the unit appeals to dental professionals worldwide. F1 Mondo simply offers more for less! F1 Mondo is Made in Finland and is backed by 2 -10 year warranty.

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What some of our long term customers say

Dr Nick France

"What the chair offers in performance, it matches in presentation...."

After 10 years it looks exactly the same as the day it arrived. What first caught my eye was the whip action arm because I could see straight away that it would allow us a very efficient and streamlined system for working. The swing design allows me to seamlessly pass equipment through from my work side […]

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Dental Chair Testimonial Dr Nick France

Parkridge Dental, VIC

Dr. Ian Renton

"the Fimet chair has required minimal repairs..."

Over its 19-year life, Dr Renton says the Fimet chair has required minimal repairs. “One reason for buying the Fimet chair was that the instrument arm can swing across to the dental assistant’s side. I can still talk to the patient about their treatment while the assistant cleans up and the patient is oblivious to […]

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Dental Chair Testimonial Dr. Ian Renton


Dr. Ian Wright

"Now I have prompt service without frustration and worry..."

The Fimet Neo chair proved extremely adaptable in replacing an existing side-lift chair. The room is small, and plumbing is located incorrectly. Resulting in the old chair positioned wrong, creating many problems trying to work efficiently. I wished to try to correct this during replacement. The floor box, small base, rotation of the chair and […]

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Dental Chair Testimonial Dr. Ian Wright

Port Kennedy

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