Today, we live in a new world. The internet has completely changed how people consume information, how they buy, and their expectation that products and services are acquired and delivered in real time. We buy everything from ready-to-cook meals to automobiles online and think nothing of it. This wasn’t true even a decade ago. The rate of change in technology and consumer behavior is faster now than ever before and it’s disrupting entire industries, from music and movies to health care. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that banks had tellers. Now we have ATM machines and online banking. We also use reviews to make sure that the product or service we want is priced right at the best place, and to find the best service providers, whether that’s an auto mechanic, lawyer, physician, or dentist. Technology today has reduced reliance on expensive after purchase support costs a method commonly employed by big business to support higher payment demands. For example, it was not long ago a TV technician was resident in every second street, today such is the reliability of remote control infrastructure is that you rarely need one. Researching and identifying BRANDS supporting outdated technology and those redefining name only rather than cost saving infrastructure, can be the best investment considerations you will make in determining the right equipment choices for your business. Over the past 30 years, Empire Dental have set the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness within the profession, our understanding of business, customer values and expectations are vigorously maintained and principles upheld by all those who represent us, evidenced based.


high-tech, low cost

Investing in a quality treatment unit, suction and compressor are essential requirements dentists value most in planning a treatment room supporting minimal work disruption. Our understanding of customers requirements to work efficiently is supported by our many long term totally satisfied customers Australia wide. Today, paying less and getting much much much more is well established and evidenced based. Planning and designing a cost efficient treatment room supporting a exceptionally satisfying outcome can be as simple as implementing a system supporting a track-record and evidenced-based reputation.


With today’s advanced communications network, internet access, video demonstrations and factory direct customer access, it makes no sense to inflate the cost of product supporting high commercial overheads. By selling directly online we are able to offer customers a high end product at a competitive price whilst still maintaining exceptional local and personalized customer service and support. 


Installation and service is provided by some of the most experienced dental equipment service personnel in the industry. 12 month service support package is available, regular 12 month basic service is recommended. Purchase of costly maintenance and service kits incorporating regular replacement of vital parts to maintain optimum functionality, is not required. Fimet high-tech treatment systems are supported with a 5-10 year parts warranty, contact us for details.

New South Wales:

Excellence Electronic Enterprise – Michael Kar Ph 0412566100 Email: michaelkar@optusnet.com.au

Dental Support – Bob Hockey Ph: 0410445762 Email: dentalsup@gmail.com


 Dentequip – Cale Ziola Ph: 1800336837 Email: info@dentequip.com.au


BK Med & Dent – Kel Jensen Ph: 0419434600 Email: bkmeddent@bigpond.com

Western Australia:

RediTechGo – Dick Scholten Ph: 0424156246 Email: service@reditechgo.com.au  

Steve Jackiewicz Ph: 0488000109 Email: jackiewiczsteve@gmail.com

South Australia:

Dental Maintenance Solutions – Kip Grimble Ph: 0418442993 Email: kip@dentalmaintenancesolutions.com.au

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