Since our inception in 1989, Empire Dental Devices has been a beacon of quality and innovation in the supply of affordable high-tech treatment units in Australia. With our deep understanding of the unique needs of the dental team, our focus in providing affordable multi adjustable ergonomic treatment units facilitating smooth and uninterrupted workflow, is what sets us apart. In addition to the unique multi positional advantages streamlining workflow, F1 FIMET high-tech treatment units support a reputation in minimal disruption and expense with values documented by our many long term totally satisfied customers Australia wide

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Fortune 500 company Shanghai Pharmaceuticals acquires Fimet Oy 

This acquisition strengthens Fimet’s position on the market and is synergistic with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals’ strategic aspiration to become a significant global player in the dental equipment business. Mr. Shen Qi, from Shanghai Pharmaceuticals says, “Fimet Oy is a profitable and professionally run company with a long history, good market position, good reputation, and product portfolio so we are delighted to enter the dental equipment market with them. “Selling the shares to Shanghai Pharmaceuticals was a very natural solution as both had long and successful partnering over 25 years. Fimet is now ready for the next step and to grow into a more significant position in the global markets. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals has over 47 thousand employees and turnover (2022) $34.5B.


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with multiple purchase of selective F1-NEO-ARCUS remote control treatment units, we will provide FREE INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT and ACCOMODATION for one person (customers choice) to attend FIMET Service & Training Course. This innovative initiative provides investors with additional support to manage any issues that may arise rapidly minimizing downtime and costly travelling expenses. Replacing major electrical components in F1 digital products is rare, training course is focused on preventative service and maintenance program ensuring optimum functionality. Personnel will be trained in removing covers, changing filters, adjusting light/suction/unit arms and general maintenance of equipment. Customers relative/patient/friend living locally with a current restricted electrical license are ideal values. Offer available for all investors residing in Australia (excluding some areas in W.A.). Please contact us for additional information – conditions apply

FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality, dental units to meet your needs and expectations.

Video surveillance can enhance the security and safety of the dental office by deterring theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access. It can also be useful to monitor employee activities to ensure they are following proper procedures and protocols. Patient Privacy: It’s essential to ensure that the system complies with privacy laws and regulations.

30-year Australian Dental Industry excellence award


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