Dental Engine Device

Dental Engine Device

A dental engine serves as a source of mechanical or pneumatic power for one or more handpieces

Air turbine handpieces are expected to continue to be widely used as the main means of carrying out dental cutting work. Accordingly, a dental engine maintaining optimum DRILL functionality is the most valued feature a treatment unit can provide in maximising dentists work and prosperity. FIMET F1 DENTAL UNITS incorporate innovative delivery system handpiece control block power source supporting constant and precise flow of essential air/water services to the cutting instruments. F1 innovative device is virtually LEAK-FREE, has no moving wearing rubber or metal piston parts, is made from metal free hi-tech corrosive resistant material including Teflon and is backed by industry leading 10 year parts warranty.Unexpected regular and costly service kits to maintain and support optimum DRILL functionality is not required.

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Dental Engine Device

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