FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. Our products are proudly made in Finland. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality, dental units to meet your needs and expectations. With our newest development, F1 ARCUS, we are proud to present you with a high-performance unit that is ergonomic in its use and maintenance.


“One reason for buying the Fimet chair was that the instrument arm can swing across to the dental assistant’s side. I can still talk to the patient about their treatment while the assistant cleans up and the patient is oblivious to it. I can’t really imagine how much difference that has made over the years in time and ease.” Read More: Dr. Ian Renton “Workflow Advantages” in our testimonial section of our website.


Wireless infrastructure supports a unparalleled reputation in reliability by limiting problematic mechanical moving metal and wearing rubber components. Touch-free commands to the chair and handpiece instruments provides greater hygiene and positioning of the wireless foot pedal without restriction of hazardous cords attached supports a higher degree of efficiency and safety.


Clean and clear Nordic design ensures effortless maintenance of the F1 Arcus. The smooth surfaces with a minimum amount of joints and gaps makes daily cleaning and maintenance fluent and quick providing more time  to focus on your patient.


The instruments, operating light and chair can be operated and controlled from multiple locations, from user and assistant interface, touch panel, wireless foot control or chair joysticks. Electric  micromotor speed settings can be easily stored in the user panel interface. A simple “click” or two from the wireless foot control and parameters are displayed on the easily read control panel providing operators a quick, easy and hygienic platform supporting all forms of precision dentistry. In practice, the device is self-guiding and it takes just a short time to get used to its operation.


UltraLUX upholstery features a classic natural grain with a subtle luminescence that provides a hint of luxury and refinement. Memory foam adapts fully to the patient’s body shape and is so pleasant and relaxing, patients will convey their experience to friends.


If you have to change the focus of your eyes, [between looking at the patient’s mouth and finding the instruments] it is very tiring, especially when you see so many patients each day. With the Fimet whip arm you know the instruments are always there laid out on the tray and are spring-loaded on the arm so you pull them towards you. It is easy to use and the instruments are light weight in the hand. With the hoses held higher in the whip arm, weight is taken off the instrument (there is no pulling down at the wrist from the hanging hose) and, if dropped, it will not reach the floor. The counterbalance and positioning features are unique to Fimet treatment systems.


Multi adjustable chair positioning provides operator with the ability to support patients of all shapes and sizes in absolute comfort. 


Positioning of the doctors unit to the assistants side of the chair provides more room for staff to maneuver safely around the chair clear of  equipment hazards and obstructions. Low 12V voltage to the chair motors supports absolute electrical safety and wireless foot control meets OHS safety guidelines from accidental tripping risk over hazardous cords on the operatory floor. 


Fimet chairs and treatment units comply to the latest EU ROHS Environmental Safety Standards (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) presenting investors with State-of-the-Art operatory.

The compact F1 ARCUS presents a high-performance treatment unit that is ergonomic in its use and maintenance.

  • F1 ARCUS CONTINENTAL, whip arms, floor mounted (Color RAL9016 traffic white)
  • 5" touch screen user interface provides access to all functions with just a few clicks
  • Handles of both sides of the instrument bridge
  • Hygienic silicon cover of the instrument bridge
  • 3-way syringe Luzzani, INOX
  • Micromotor NSK NLX nano LED, brushless
  • 2 High speed lines including optic tubing
  • Scaler NSK Varios 170 LED
  • Wireless foot control
  • Double Instrument tray holder 02
  • POLARIS LED light
  • LED technology for a perfect vision. The evaluation of a dental light shall involve mainly the quality of its illumination which is the result of a perfect combination between light intensity (Lux), colour temperature (Kelvin) and colour rendering index (CRI).
  • Suction arm and head, automated switched holders, chair mounted
  • Buttons for manual and automatic chair positioning, automatic cup fill and bowl rinse.
  • Suction arm swings effortlessly behind chair for left/right user operation
  • High and low volume suction hose
  • Manual flow valves for suction hoses, Dürr tilt-angle type
  • Height adjustment of the suction head
  • Handle on both side of the suction head, silicon cover
  • Autoselective isolation suction valves
  • Easily accessible filter for cleaning of high volume suction hose
  • 3-way syringe assembly Luzzani, INOX
  • Water heater, warm water for syringes, instruments and cup filling
  • Cuspidor bowl turning to both sides
  • Automatic cup fill and bowl rinse
  • Glass bowl sandblasted
  • 2 water bottles 1,5 liters/each
  • Wet line system with bowl valve
  • Continuous treatment of water lines Metasys WEK Light
  • Automated flushing system of instrument hoses
  • F1 ARCUS CHAIR, 4 programmable positions for 4 users
  • Adjustable knee-break angle
  • length adjustable back rest
  • Chair height 45-95cm
  • Two-joint headrest
  • Dual joysticks, on both sides of base plate for manual and automatic positioning
  • Max. lift capacity 180kg
  • foot rest plastic protection cover
  • Arm rest swiveling to the right side, or detachable
  • UltraLUX memory foam upholstery
  • left/right handed conversion in seconds
  • OPTIONS: Built-in multimedia arm + cables + 22" screen, intraoral camera, LED curing light
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