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streamlining procedures

a variety of chair and unit functions can be managed touch-free from the wireless foot pedal embracing a high degree of infection control and efficiency. With a smaller footprint and strategic positioning of the DRILLS to the assistant’s side, F1 chairs offer improved workflow and maneuverability. Assistant can begin cleanup without moving from their side saving valuable hygiene time between patients, the wireless foot pedal can be easily positioned anywhere without cables getting in the way and ambidextrous conversion is simple and rapid. Overall, Fimet remote control dental units simplify the process of performing dental procedures by providing the dental team with convenient access to essential functions and allowing the operator to adjust settings quickly and efficiently during treatment streamlining procedures

innovative parking of DRILLS provides more room

innovative parking of the DRILLS to the assistant’s side of the chair provides more room for patients to enter/exit the chair and for staff to maneuver safely around the operatory clear of equipment hazards and obstructions. Creative parking of the drills out of direct patient sight presents a relaxing and comfortable setting easing anxiety triggers



technology breakthrough

Dr. Nick France Victoria Australia

“even after 10 years, it keeps going and going without any sign of age or reduced performance”

 F1 treatment units incorporate state-of-the-art dental engine delivery system handpiece control block supporting constant DRILL power and torque track-record. F1 innovative device is FREE of problematic mechanical moving metal and wearing rubber components, is made from high-tech corrosive resistant material and is virtually LEAK and MAINTENANCE FREE. High-tech F1 innovative device is backed by industry leading 5-year parts warranty



less tiring less stressful design

cut and contour with ease, precision and without strain

“The instruments need to be somewhere convenient so that you just move your hand to get them. This is the most ergonomic design and the least stressful for the dentist,” Dr Slattery explains. “If you have to change the focus of your eyes, [between looking at the patient’s mouth and finding the instruments] it is very tiring, especially when you see so many patients each day. With the whip arm you know the instruments are always there laid out on the tray and are spring-loaded on the arm, so you pull them towards you. It is easy to use and the instruments are light weight in the hand. It really works very nicely and is positioned so the patients can’t see it. I was worried they’d be frightened by it but that’s not a problem.”

Dr. R. Slattery. Perth. Western Australia

ergonomic design aims to enhance efficiency by streamlining workflow processes and minimizing unnecessary movements. This includes optimizing the layout of instruments, equipment and patient positioning to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted workflow, leading to improved productivity and patient outcomes. Free from the hassles of “pullback” and unnatural time-consuming motions required to lock and unlock devices every time the drill is used, the ergonomic counterbalancing and positioning features of the F1 whip arm treatment systems are unique to FIMET and are unmatched in quality and performance. F1 treatment systems stand as a paragon of precision manufacturing rewarding dental professionals with shorter treatment times, improved outcomes and reduced risk of strain and fatigue extending careers

latest EMERGENCY STOP features

Fimet treatment systems made in Finland are CE certified under the the EU’s product certification system which is recognized Worldwide for its high standards of safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. Rapid deactivation of chair movement and unit functions in medical emergencies and avoidance of unexpected equipment damage is a welcome feature of F1 treatment systems. In addition to the emergency STOP button located on the lower section of the chair, ceasing all functions rapidly can also be achieved by moving the backrest slightly forward. Should the emergency STOP features be inadvertently triggered, applying light downward pressure on the backrest or applying a simple twist on the emergency STOP button will automatically reset all functions instantly


multiple chair adjustments and soft upholstery provides absolute comfort and support to patients of all shapes and sizes


handpieces are truly a “workhorse” of the dental practice and electric handpieces are gaining popularity for good reasons – consistent speed and torque levels, precise margins, and a quieter experience for the patient are several key reasons for clinicians’ preference for electric handpieces. Additionally, the ability to alter a variety of speeds and settings for different clinical situations results in overall better performance and improved patient outcomes. Fimet remote control treatment units incorporate built-in electronics enabling investors to seamlessly incorporate electric handpieces into the practice


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2 x 4 programable positions
Adjustable knee break consult positioning
Chair height adjustment 45-95cm
Soft upholstery
Dual armrests or remove
Dual Joysticks, on both sides of base plate
Double-articulated adjustable headrest
Anatomic adjustable backrest length for children and adults
Trendelenburg tilt position
180-degree rotation
Information display (shows micromotor speed, curing light time and clock)
3-way syringe
1 only High-speed lines with optic handpiece tubing
Electric micromotor NSK NBX LED
Double instrument tray on delivery head 02
Handles on both sides of instrument bridge
Hygienic silicon cover of the instrument bridge
Built-in water bottle
Built-in flushing system of instrument hoses
Wireless remote foot control
Zero pullback light weight motion synchronized handpiece hose system
without locking device – a pleasure to work with
Doctors’ unit can be easily positioned for ambidextrous use
Compact design is ideal for areas with limited space
Wireless foot pedal for added hygiene, safety and workflow efficiency
Knee break setting and low 45cm entry/exit supports children, aged and medically complexed patients

FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality, dental units to meet your needs and expectations

customer comments

I have the F1 whip arm delivery system and my favorite feature has been the zero resistance from pull back with the hoses (especially after breaking and weakening my right wrist 4 years ago)

Dr. Dina Papas BDSc F.R.A.C.D.S. – Empire Dental

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customer comments


“This is the most practical, ergonomic and least stressful design.”

Dr. Camilo Villegas BDSc Spec Endo

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customer comments

The practice has been using FIMET treatment units for over 20 years and product has been exceptional value, in fact, I can’t remember a day in all those years when the FIMET chairs were not in serviceable order!

Dr. Thao Vu BDSc – Empire Dental

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customer comments

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up to 5 years F1 parts warranty support

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