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F1 City


Change towards the digital era is an irreversible global trend. Developed by Finnish manufacturer Fimet Oy, F1 City wireless control treatment unit remains virtually unchanged in design and manufacturing processes for over 30 years. F1 City is backed by 5-10 year parts warranty.

  • F1 CONTINENTAL, whip hoses, chair mounted (also available with traditional hanging hoses)
  • Zero pullback light weight motion synchronized handpiece hose system without locking device
  • Delivery head can be easily positioned to the assistant's side providing rapid hygiene processing between patient changeover
  • Compact design is ideal for areas with limited space
  • Left / right operator coversion is effortless
  • Wireless foot control for added hygiene, workflow and workplace OHS
  • Chair control buttons on delivery head
  • Information display (shows micromotor speed, curing light time and clock)
  • Clean-water bottle - All instrument bio-film flushing system
  • Handle on both sides of delivery head
  • 3 way syringe
  • high and low speed handpiece lines
  • Instrument tray on delivery head
  • F1 chair 2 x 4 programs
  • Chair height adjustment 45-95cm
  • Comfort soft upholstery
  • Dual armrests or remove
  • Double-articulated adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable backrest length
  • 24V low voltage electrical safety to the chair motors
  • Hydraulic oil / fluid free
  • Compliant to the latest EU RoHS Environmental Safety Directives
  • Fimet manufactured products are backed by 5-10 year parts warranty - contact us for details
  • Flexible plumbing positioning in front or side of chair
  • AUSTRALIA WIDE: Delivery - Installation - Support - contact us for details.
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F1 City

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