F1 Continental

F1 Continental



Even after 10 years, the chair is as good as new – and it looks it. It keeps going and going without any sign of age or reduced performance.”

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everything within easy reach


 “The Fimet system takes all the weight off every procedure, you can literally balance a handpiece on a finger and that reduces stress and strain which makes everything I do just that bit easier.”

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“Before I bought it, I spent lots of time looking at every unit at a dental exhibition – three days sitting in each of them, driving people nuts. Afterwards, I made a spread sheet with the pros and cons of each and that’s how I came to the conclusion about Fimet. It had more pluses than the others.”

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Dr. Ian Renton BDSc – Empire Dental


“The wireless foot control is something that I would not work without now, no foot control cables getting in the way and I can position the control anywhere.”

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Dr. Ian Wright BDSc – Empire Dental


“Due to their low cost, I was able to purchase two F1 chairs in December, 2009.”

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Dr. Dina Papas BDSc F.R.A.C.D.S. – Empire Dental


“The instruments need to be somewhere convenient so that you just move your hand to get them. This is the most ergonomic design and the least stressful for the dentist. If you have to change the focus of your eyes, [between looking at the patient’s mouth and finding the instruments] it is very tiring, especially when you see so many patients each day.”

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more adjustments

supporting a higher degree of comfort for patients of all shapes and sizes including aged and medically complexed.

trusting technology


 The best thing about the complexities of todays warranties is not having to use it! Fimet treatment units support a unmatched 20 year Australian track-record reputation with customers rarely making a claim, even after years and years of  product use! When you consider all what general dentists really want is a treatment unit which works efficiently every time the foot control is activated, F1 dental units are achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction with investors being rewarded with BIG dividends. THE DIFFERENCE – Fimet high-tech wireless treatment units are less reliant on mechanical moving and wearing components and are therefore more reliable, durable and cost efficient! Investor savings with multiple chairs can be estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars!

“Over its 19-year life, the Fimet chair has required minimal repairs.”

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Dr. Ian Renton BDSc – Empire Dental

 Australia’s BEST VALUE Treatment Chair

FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality dental units to meet your needs and expectations.


“Our longevity is testament to a high degree of customer satisfaction”

Made in Finland

Australia wide delivery – installation – support

up to 5 years F1 dental DRILL parts warranty support – contact us for details!


  • CHAIR:
  • 2 x 4 programs
  • Dual armrests or remove
  • Double-articulating headrest
  • Adjustable leg rest positioning - ideal for consultation and easier chair access/exit for elderly
  • Anatomic adjustable backrest length for children and adults
  • 180 degree rotation
  • Joystick foot control - automatic and manual control for chair movements
  • Chair height adjustment 45-95cm for work standing
  • Seat tilt trendelenberg positioning
  • Hydraulic oil / fluid free
  • 24V low voltage electrical safety to the chair motors
  • Simulated leather soft upholstery
  • Adjusts easily for improved comfort for you and your patients
  • Available in continental or traditional hanging hose system
  • Information display (shows micromotor speed, curing light time and clock)
  • Touch buttons for auto and manual chair control, cup fill and bowl flush control
  • Handle on both sides of delivery head
  • Double instrument tray 02
  • 3 way syringe
  • Built-in fiber optic handpiece control module
  • Built-in micromotor control module
  • 3 only instrument hoses including optic handpiece tubing
  • Clean-water bottle system, clean water for syringes, instruments and glass filling
  • Integrated automatic bio-film flushing system for all instruments using water
  • Wireless foot control
  • 3-position holder, high volume evacuator + saliva ejector
  • Touch buttons for auto and manual chair control, cup fill and bowl flush control
  • Handles on both sides of suction holder
  • Multi-adjustable slide suction arm + height adjustable + tilt
  • Automatic isolation suction valves
  • Polaris LED operating light
  • Support center with stain resistant removable porcelain bowl for easy cleaning
  • Service door to support center for easy access
  • Self contained water bottle
  • Wet line suction bowl valve
  • Cost efficient wireless infrastructure (over 30 year Australian reputation)
  • Compact footprint is ideal for areas with limited space
  • Delivery head can be easily parked to the assistant's side of the chair stream lining workflow
  • Wireless foot control for added hygiene, safety and workflow
  • Unparalleled chair settings for the comfort and support of patients and the dental team
  • Chair hydraulic oil/fluid free
  • Compliant to the latest EU RoHS Environmental Safety Directives
  • Flexible plumbing positioning in front or side of chair
  • Optional Extras: electric scaler, curing light, micromotor, monitor screen chair mounted, intraoral camera
  • Australia Wide Delivery - Installation - Support, contact us for details.
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F1 Continental

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