F1 Chair

F1 Chair

Unparalleled Flexibility

Multiple chair settings. Knee break adjustment and low 45cm is ideal for consultancy with patients in the sitting position and is particularly useful for aged and medically complex patients to enter and exit the chair. 95cm chair height is suitable for work standing. Chair rotation, dual armrests, multi-adjustable headrest, adjustable backrest length and tilt position add to the chairs exceptional versatility. F1 Chair is backed by 5 year parts warranty. Made in Finland.

  • F1 CHAIR 2 x 4 programs
  • Compact small base
  • Knee - break positioning
  • Chair height 45-95cm
  • Dual joystick chair foot control on both sides of base plate
  • Comfort soft upholstery
  • Anatomic adjustable backrest for children and adults
  • Double articulated headrest
  • Trendelenberg tilt position
  • Dual armrests rotate 90 degrees or remove
  • Max. lift capacity 210 kg
  • Chair rotation + - 90 degree, with locking mechanism
  • 24v low voltage electrical safety to the chair motors
  • Hydraulic oil / fluid free
  • Compliant to the latest EU RoHS Environmental Safety Directives
  • 5 year parts warranty
  • $8,500 + GST
  • FINANCE: $6 per day
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F1 Chair

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