NEO Traditional

NEO Traditional




2 x 4 programs
Adjustable knee break consult positioning
Chair height adjustment 45-95cm
Comfort soft upholstery
Dual armrests or remove
Dual Joysticks, on both sides of base plate
Double-articulated adjustable headrest
Anatomic adjustable backrest length for children and adults
Trendelenburg tilt position
Rotation of the chair ±45°, with locking mechanism
Information display (shows micromotor speed, curing light time and clock)
3-way syringe
2 only High-speed lines with optic handpiece tubing
Electric micromotor NSK NLX nano LED, brushless
Electric scaler
Double instrument tray on delivery head 02
Handles on both sides of instrument bridge
Hygienic silicon cover of the instrument bridge
Chair control buttons for auto and manual chair positioning
Wireless remote foot control
Neo CUSPIDOR module, chair mounted
Service door to cuspidor, removable porcelain bowl
Cuspidor turns 90 degrees sideways providing more workspace for assistant
Clean-water bottle for handpieces and syringes
Integrated automatic biofilm flushing system for all instruments using water
Wet line system with bowl valve
Automatic cup fill and bowl rinse
Suction arm swings effortlessly behind chair for left/right handed use
High and low volume suction hoses
Slide valves for suction hoses
Automatic isolation suction valves
Chair control buttons on suction bridge
Buttons for automatic cup fill and bowl rinse
3-way syringe
Hygienic silicon cover of the suction bridge
Height adjustment of the suction bridge
Handle on both sides of the suction bridge
Polaris LED operating light
LED technology for a perfect vision
The evaluation of a dental light shall involve mainly the quality of its illumination which is the result of a perfect combination between light intensity (Lux),
color temperature (Kelvin) and color rendering index (CRI).
Compact design is ideal for areas with limited space
Wireless foot pedal for added hygiene, safety and workflow efficiency
Knee break setting and low 45cm entry/exit supports aged and medically complexed patients
Flexible services box location in front or side of chair



22” LCD display chair mounted – built-in curing light – built-in intraoral camera


boosting productivity – minimizing expenses!

ask any oral healthcare professional about the most desired feature in a treatment unit and the answer would be reliable DRILL power and torque! Loss of cutting and contouring power can severely disrupt workflow, compromise the efficiency of dental procedures and be a constant and ongoing drain on income and profit! With labor costs being one of the highest in the developed world, requesting an infrastructure brief from supplier supporting constant DRILL power and low expenses can be amongst the most valuable considerations investors will make in boosting productivity, minimizing disruptions and expenses. F1 dental engine delivery system handpiece control block supplies constant and precise flow of essential air/water services powering the drills. Hi-tech F1 device is virtually MAINTENANCE & LEAK-FREE, has no problematic moving wearing rubber or mechanical piston parts, is made from metal free hi-tech corrosive resistant material and is backed by industry leading 5-year parts warranty. 

infection control

a variety of chair and handpiece functions can be managed touch-free from the remote cordless foot pedal embracing a high degree of efficiency and hygiene

absence of foot control cords on the floor reduces clutter, making it tidier, more organized and reducing the potential risk for tripping accidents and injuries in the dental office

the F1 cordless foot pedal can be easily and conveniently placed anywhere without cables getting in the way streamlining procedures

high-quality surfaces are non-staining, rounded and easy to clean ensuring long-lasting durability without any signs of cracking or deterioration

comfort & support

Fimet treatment systems provide a higher degree of positioning adjustments supporting the absolute comfort for the dental team and patients of all shapes and sizes including children, aged and medically complexed individuals

compact design is ideal for areas with limited space 

electric handpieces

handpieces are truly a “workhorse” of the dental practice and electric handpieces are gaining popularity for good reasons – consistent speed and torque levels, precise margins, and a quieter experience for the patient are several key reasons for clinicians’ preference for electric handpieces

additionally, the ability to alter a variety of speeds and settings for different clinical situations results in overall better performance and improved patient outcomes

Fimet remote control treatment units incorporate built-in electronics to seamlessly incorporate electric handpieces into your practice

according to majority of customer feedback F1 treatment units are the most practical, ergonomic and least stressful design and can last a long period of time with little to no performance issues

FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality, dental units to meet your needs and expectations 

experience F1 difference

up to 5 years F1 parts warranty support

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NEO Traditional

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