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Neo Continental




“experience F1 difference”


streamlining workflow and treatment procedures

“One reason for buying the Fimet chair was that the instrument arm can swing across to the dental assistant’s side. I can still talk to the patient about their treatment while the assistant cleans up
and the patient is oblivious to it. 
I can’t really imagine how much difference that has made over the years in time and ease”. 

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Dr. Ian Renton BDSc – Empire Dental

helping prevent everything from early retirement to musculoskeletal disorders

multi-adjustable positioning

less reaching – less stretching –  less turning – less stress

ease of cutting and contouring

everything within easy reach

void of problematic locking and unlocking of handpiece hose system devices


void of hazardous foot control cords on the operatory floor

compact design

“The counterbalance and positioning features of the whip arm system are unique to Fimet dental units. With the Fimet unit it is easy to work at the head of the patient and good positioning ensures less stress.”

Dr. R. Slattery – Empire Dental

 “my favorite feature is the zero resistance from pullback with the hoses.”

Dr. Dina Papas BDSc F.R.A.C.D.S. – Empire Dental

         “ARCUS looks modern and sleek and patients often comment on how comfortable the chair is.”

Dr. Camilo Villegas BDSc Spec Endo

“The wireless foot control is something that I would not work without now, no foot control cables getting in the way and I can position the control anywhere.”

Dr. Ian Wright BDSc – Empire Dental

“After 15 years, I researched what was out there and had no hesitation coming back to Fimet.”


“Hygiene, cleanliness and immaculate presentation are the long-term benefits of excellence in design which emphasizes harmonious movement, efficiency and longevity over complexity. From the point of view of cleanliness and maintenance, even after 10 years the chair is as good as new – and it looks it!” 

Fimet-Case-Study-Dr.-Nick-France.pdf (


For You and Your Team

When investors buy equipment that fails to incorporate proper ergonomic design, they only have 2 choices: to live with it and suffer the as­so­ciated musculo­skeletal discomfort and/or injuries; or, to buy new equipment and try to sell the old. Neither is an attractive option. Huge deals, discounts and FREE gifts offered by dental supermarkets can be tempting, investing in equipment that will benefit the health of the dental team extending careers right from the start, can be a lot more rewarding!


With employers constantly being challenged with assessing and determining product risk for employee well-being, Fimet treatment units support a reputation in providing the dental team with a range of extraordinary Health & Safety values meeting the highest standards of OHS workplace requirements.


5-10 year F1 parts warranty – contact us for details


FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality dental units to meet your needs and expectations. With our newest development, F1 ARCUS, we are proud to present you with a high-performance unit that is ergonomic in its use and maintenance.

Made in Finland

Australia wide delivery – installation – support

Contact us for details: 1800813877

  • NEO Continental
  • UNIT:
  • Handle on both sides of delivery head
  • 3 way syringe
  • Micromotor brushless LED 40,000rpm
  • 3 only High speed lines with optic handpiece tubing
  • Double instrument tray on delivery head 02
  • Chair control buttons on delivery head
  • Information display (shows micromotor speed, curing light time and clock)
  • Wireless remote foot control
  • Neo CUSPIDOR module, chair mounted
  • Service door to cuspidor, removable porcelain bowl
  • Cuspidor rotates 90 degrees sideways
  • Clean-water bottle for handpieces, syringes and glass filling
  • Integrated automatic bio-film flushing system for all instruments using water
  • Wet line system with bowl valve
  • Automatic cup fill and bowl rinse
  • Suction arm swings effortlessly behind chair for left/right handed use
  • High and low volume suction hoses
  • Slide valves for suction hoses, DURR tilt-angle type
  • Automatic isolation suction valves
  • Chair control buttons on suction head
  • 3 way syringe
  • Height adjustment of the suction head
  • Handle on both sides of the suction head
  • LIGHT:
  • Polaris LED operating light
  • CHAIR:
  • 2 x 4 programs
  • Knee break consult positioning
  • Chair height adjustment 45-95cm
  • Comfort extra-soft upholstery
  • Dual armrests or remove
  • Dual Joysticks, on both sides of base plate
  • Double-articulated adjustable headrest
  • Anatomic adjustable backrest length for children and adults
  • Trendelenberg tilt position
  • Rotation of the chair ±45°, with locking mechanism
  • Zero pullback light weight motion synchronized handpiece hose system without locking device
  • Doctors unit can be easily positioned to the assistant's side providing rapid hygiene processing between patients
  • Compact design is ideal for areas with limited space
  • Left/right operator conversion is effortless
  • Wireless foot pedal for added hygiene, safety and workflow efficiency
  • Knee break setting and low 45cm entry/exit support for aged and patients with limited mobility
  • 24V low voltage electrical safety to the chair motors
  • Hydraulic oil / fluid free
  • OHS free from hazardous foot control cords on the operatory floor
  • Compliant to the latest EU RoHS Environmental Safety Directives
  • Fimet manufactured products are backed by 5-10 year parts warranty - contact us for details
  • Flexible plumbing positioning in front or side of chair
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Neo Continental

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