Dr. Dina Papas BDSc F.R.A.C.D.S.

"My favourite feature is the zero resistance from pullback with the hoses..."

Due to their low cost, I was able to purchase two F1 chairs in December of 2009. Six years later, I still can’t believe it when my REGULARLY attending patients constantly ask me “Is this a new chair?”

I was previously plagued with continual and costly repair bills to fix ongoing problems with my preceding units, not to mention long waiting times for replacement parts to come in. Now my only maintenance costs have been my yearly services and minor wear and tear issues. Spare parts are stored close by in Perth and Jeff from Fimet is only a phone call away, whenever I have had a query.

The other dentist at our practice is left-handed, for which the chairs are adaptable. I have the Whip Arm delivery system and my favourite feature has been the zero resistance from pull back with the hoses (especially after breaking and weakening my right wrist 4 years ago). In addition when I have finished treatment and I am about to discuss final details with the patient, I can completely slide the Whip Arm out of the way and over to the assistant’s side so they can start cleaning, making it a very efficient for changeover.

The Fimet chairs are definitely value for money that have the functionality combined with modern design. Six years ago I would be asked if I had been practicing for long. Today at least my chair continues to get compliments!

Dr. Dina Papas. Osborne Park. Australia.


Dr. Dina Papas BDSc F.R.A.C.D.S.

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