Dr Nick France BDSc


After 10 years it looks exactly the same as the day it arrived.
What first caught my eye was the whip action arm because I could see straight away that it would allow us a very efficient and streamlined system for working. The swing design allows me to seamlessly pass equipment through from my work side to the steri, giving the nurse easy access to clean and re-equip while I close up with the patient. It really works very well.

We built the steri adjacent to the new surgery so that the nurse has immediate access from the chair – I can’t really imagine how much difference that has made over the years in time and ease.

The design specifically reduces exposed metal and surfaces that show fatigue. Even the upholstery is in still great condition so when it was time to add an additional surgery, I went straight back to Fimet and said it’s time for another one.

From the point of view of cleanliness and maintenance, even after 10 years the chair is as good as new. It keeps going and going, without any sign of age or reduced performance.

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Dr Nick France BDSc

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