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"Compact NEO Chair..."

A knee-break chair is an ideal choice. While being very comfortable for patients to sit in, the very compact footprint of the Neo, takes up very little space in the surgery. I really like the ergonomic design of the chair with different back and head rest adjustment that allows patients to be easily positioned and that is really comfortable and less tiresome for the operator to work in. The trendelenburg feature gives the ability to position children without the need for cushion inserts. Seating a person, particularly the elderly, into a knee-break chair is much easier, as they don’t tend to slide down the front section when entering the chair. Above all, I find patients are more comfortable seated without their legs sticking out in front of them when in the upright position. I also find prosthetic work and implant registrations much easier with the patient sitting in an unstrained position. It is also much easier to have a general conversation with someone seated in a more natural position….

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