Fimet Product Overview

Fimet Product Overview





“extending careers”

        “This is the most practical, ergonomic and least stressful design”.

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Dr. Camilo Villegas BDSc Spec Endo

helping prevent everything from early retirement to musculoskeletal disorders

exclusive and unique positioning advantages

ease of cutting and precision contouring

everything within easy reach

less reaching – less stretching –  less turning – less stress

void of problematic locking and unlocking devices on handpiece hose systems

“least stressful design”


compact treatment system with unique design and positioning advantages streamlining workflow and treatment procedures

“The instruments need to be somewhere convenient so that you just move your hand to get them. This is the most ergonomic design and the least stressful for the dentist, Dr Slattery explains. If you have to change the focus of your eyes, [between looking at the patient’s mouth and finding the instruments] it is very tiring, especially when you see so many patients each day. With the whip
arm you know the instruments are always there laid out on the tray and are spring-loaded on the arm so you pull them towards you. It is easy to use and the instruments are light weight in the hand.”

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trusting technology


 The best thing about the complexities of todays warranties is not having to use it! Fimet treatment units support a unmatched 20 year Australian track-record reputation with customers rarely making a claim, even after years and years of  product use! When you consider all what general dentists really want is a treatment unit which works efficiently every time the foot control is activated, researching modern brands with a proven dental engine history is paying BIG dividends for investors. The DIFFERENCE, Fimet modern wireless treatment units are less reliant on mechanical moving and wearing components and are therefore more reliable, durable and cost efficient! Investor savings with multiple chairs can be estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars!

“Over its 19-year life, the Fimet chair has required minimal repairs.”

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Dr. Ian Renton BDSc – Empire Dental

Treat Yourself and Your Patients to First Class Comfort

multiple chair settings

With patients spending more time in the dental chair with advanced implant and surgical treatments, comfort is a priority! F1 treatment units incorporate a superior range of flexible and versatile positioning advantages supporting the comfort of patients of all shapes and sizes including aged and medically complexed.

Australia’s BEST VALUE Treatment Chair

FIMET has a long history in the manufacturing of dental equipment, which began in the early 1980’s. The FIMET mission has always been to put our best foot forward and to design and produce affordable, yet high-quality dental units to meet your needs and expectations. With our newest development, F1 ARCUS, we are proud to present you with a high-performance unit that is ergonomic in its use and maintenance.


“Our longevity is the result of a high degree of customer satisfaction”.

Made in Finland

Australia wide delivery – installation – support


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