Fimet Product Overview

Fimet Product Overview

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Water/air leaks effecting handpiece torque and functionality are the most common disruptions in the dental office. F1 dental delivery systems support constant and precise delivery of air/water services to the working handpieces. Fimet delivery system handpiece control block has no moving or wearing parts, is made from metal free high-tech corrosive resistant material including Teflon and is supported by industry leading 10 year parts warranty. A simple infrastructure assessment for investors seeking optimum handpiece functionality is to research dental delivery system handpiece control block parts in google and view composition.

Remote Control Technology 

Change towards the digital era is an irreversible global trend. A simple “click” on the wireless remote foot control and operators instructions to the chair and handpiece rotary handpiece instruments are transferred via signal, rather than through cords supporting valves, springs and wearing rubber components. Remote control can be conveniently placed anywhere around the chair without restriction of cords attached and provides a safe working environment from hazardous wires and cords on the operatory floor. Regular and expensive service kits to maintain optimum functionality is not required.


Positioning of the dental unit to the assistant’s side saves valuable clean-up time between patients, provides more space around the chair and enhances a safe working environment from equipment hazards within the traffic area. “I can’t really imagine how much difference this has made over the years in time and ease.”


Less tiring – less stressful design. Motion synchronized zero pullback handpiece delivery system makes everything you do, so much easier.  Everything within easy reach, a pleasure to work with.


The compact F1 ergonomic treatment chair can be adjusted to a variety of working and consult positions supporting a wider range of patients in absolute comfort and operator efficiency.


Over its 19-year life, the Fimet chair has required minimal repairs.“I’m very happy with this one,” he says. “Before I bought it, I spent lots of time looking at every unit at a dental exhibition – three days sitting in each of them, driving people nuts. Afterwards, I made a spread sheet with the pros and cons of each and that’s how I came to the conclusion about Fimet. It had more pluses than the others.” Read More:

Dental Surgery Room Design

 Making a BIG difference

Dental Surgery Design 

Everything within easy reach, a pleasure to work with

With over 30 years experience, Empire Dental have compiled a list of helpful dental surgery design considerations supporting long term, cost efficient and harmonized working platform.

View  1:1 scale drawing of the proposed surgery room layout with the chair in place. This will allow you time to consider workflow and the amount of room allowed for you and assistant to work comfortably.

Toe end of the chair facing door entry/exit may compromise patient privacy.

X-ray reach.

Chair – rotation option to assist wheelchair access.

Chair – entry/exit, low height level will assist elderly and those with limited mobility.

Chair – maximum height to work comfortably standing.

Chair – knee break option for consultancy, prosthetics.

Chair – adjustable backrest for individual patient support and comfort.

Chair – multi adjustable headrest for individual patient support and comfort.

Chair – trendelenberg tilt position for recovery position and comfort lounge setting.

Chair/unit – wireless foot control prevents accidental tripping risk from hazardous cords on the operatory floor.

Unit parked position – obstruction hazard within the traffic area.

Unit parked position – hanging hoses – accidental tripping hazard from unexpected exit of the chair by patient.

Unit parked position – hanging hoses – accidental tripping hazard to staff and operator within confined working space.

Unit parked position to the assistant’s side – Fimet whip arm version – exceptional workflow, safety and rapid clean-up during patient changeover. 

Unit Whip Arm – Top Mounted – Continental delivery systems. Equipment brands are not all the same. Check instrument hoses which may be too short, systems with pull back resistance, those with locking devices requiring additional body movement to active/deactivate and systems with limited positioning can compromise productivity, workflow, well-being and work enjoyment.

Suction / handpiece instruments – everything within easy reach.

Left/right operator compatibility – investment consideration should a situation arise when this option is unexpectedly required.

Brand expectations. Yearly maintenance kits can range between $300 – $2,000 depending on brand, model and year of service. Brand expectations supporting low after purchase expense values with limited infrastructure evidence can be a long and lasting cost burden.

Ergonomic health & well-being. Back – shoulders – fingers hands & wrists are all important assessment areas for work longevity and enjoyment. Treatment units supporting design advantages making work easier and less stressful can be the best investment considerations you will make.


Fimet treatment units comply with the latest EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) environmental safety directive. RoHS covers electronic assemblies of equipment and restricts six dangerous substances: lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyls. RoHS compliance is not relevant for TGA product approval in Australia. Customer’s preference for the latest environmental treatment units can request RoHS product conformity certificate with manufacturer or supplier. Additional RoHS information can be viewed within our website under TESTIMONIALS and Australian TGA website.



Dental Surgery Design

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