Fimet Product Overview

Fimet Product Overview

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Long lasting low after purchase expense reputation. Regular purchase of costly maintenance kits to maintain optimum functionality, is not required.

Workflow Design 

“One reason for buying the Fimet chair was that the instrument arm can swing across to the dental assistant’s side. I can still talk to the patient about their treatment while the assistant cleans up and the patient is oblivious to it. At the time, Fimet was the only chair manufacturer to offer this feature. With other units, the assistant must come to the dentist’s side to begin cleaning and would have to wait until the patient leaves. The swing-away arm also allows for easy access in and out of the chair. I can’t really imagine how much difference that has made over the years in time and ease.” Dr. Ian Renton B.D.Sc Paddington Queensland Australia. READ MORE:


Instruments on the unit can be positioned so that everything is within easy reach in order to work efficiently, minimizing body movement. The whip hoses have zero pullback tolerance, are light weight and are void of locking devices which makes everything you do, that much easier. One of our clients has been particularly pleased with these features quoting ‘’My favorite feature has been the zero resistance from pull back with the hoses (especially after breaking and weakening my right wrist 4 years ago)’’ Dr. Dina Papas B.D.Sc F.R.A.C.D.S. READ MORE:

Drill Torque Efficiency

F1 delivery system handpiece control block has no moving or wearing components providing constant and precise delivery of essential air/water services to the handpiece instruments. F1 innovative device is made from metal free high-tech corrosive resistant material including Teflon, and is supported by industry leading 10 year parts warranty. Regular and costly after purchase expense for service kits supporting optimum drill functionality, is not required.

Wireless Foot Pedal 

Instructions via wireless foot pedal to the chair and handpiece functions saves time, improves hygiene and  safety. One of our clients has been particularly pleased with this feature quoting “The wireless foot control (I first thought was a bit gimmicky) is something that I would not work without now. No foot control cables getting in the way and I can position the control anywhere” Dr. Ian Wright B.D.Sc Port Kennedy Perth Australia. READ MORE:


Fimet chairs provide unparalleled range of adjustments enabling operator to support patients in a wider range of positions. Chair height is 95cm supporting stand up procedures and low 45cm and adjustable knee-brake option is very useful for consultations and  for aged and medically complex patients to enter and exit the chair. READ MORE:

Would you buy equipment containing hazardous substances?

Fimet treatment units comply with the latest EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) environmental safety directive. RoHS covers electronic assemblies of equipment and restricts six dangerous substances: lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyls. RoHS compliance is not relevant for TGA product approval in Australia. Customer’s preference for the latest environmental treatment units can request RoHS product conformity certificate with manufacturer or supplier. Additional RoHS information can be viewed within our website under TESTIMONIALS and Australian TGA website. 




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